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50 ML

Formulated for enhanced & deeper penetration of cannabinoids

▪ Enhanced delivery for deep tissue relief
▪ Non-intoxicating
▪ Cooling effect upon contact
▪ Airless pump prolongs shelf life & prevents contamination

Total Cannabinoid Content:
▪ 250mg CBD | 100mg THC
▪ 5mg CBD | 2mg THC per pump

Bottle Size: 50mL

Will this make me high?
Despite the presence of penetration enhancers in the formulation, preclinical studies have demonstrated minimal absorption of cannabinoids into the circulatory system. Due to the limited systemic absorption, it is unlikely this product will have a psychoactive effect. However, consumers should be cautious and increase the dose in a slow, incremental manner.

How do I use this product?
Step 1: Remove protective cap.
Step 2: Press down on pump completely to dispense one (1) complete dose.
Step 3: Apply cream to affected area and rub until cream is completely absorbed. Do not shower or bathe for at least 3 hours following application

How much do I apply?
It is important to start low and go slow. Start with the lowest dose, 1 pump (1 mL), applied directly to clean skin, and increase incrementally as tolerated. Always consult a physician for individual dosing recommendations. For individuals with sensitive skin, see recommendations for patch testing described above.