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Healthcare Practitioners Guideline

This guide provides you with information to make informed decisions about how to incorporate medical cannabis into your practice. It covers administration, dosing and titration guidance, potential side effects, warnings and precautions, and how to recommend RHO Phyto products.

Patient Guideline

RHO Phyto’s unique formulations have undergone extensive research and development to create a line of products that meet the quality and consistency standards that patients and physicians should expect of medical cannabis products.

RHO Phyto Product Guide

All RHO Phyto formulations are designed to maintain the stability of the cannabinoids to ensure more consistent clinical effects over the course of treatment. All RHO Phyto products are made under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


What should I look for when purchasing medical cannabis products?

It is important to consider the quality and stability of the products you are purchasing to make sure that you are getting the same dose delivered for the duration of use.

Should I be taking fast-acting or slow-acting products?

Some products have a faster onset of action whereas other products are made for slower onsets of action. Faster acting products such as Sublingual Sprays are made for symptoms that are acute and occur more rapidly, whereas products that are slower acting such as tinctures are made for persistent chronic symptoms. Please consult your HCP to determine which product would be better for you.

What makes RHO Phyto’s Sublingual Spray unique?

RHO Phyto’s Rapid Act Spray is formulated to be sprayed under the tongue for faster acting results. This product is formulated using a unique combination of ingredients to increase absorption of cannabinoids across the sublingual membrane. In addition, sublingual sprays can be discretely administered.

What is the difference between oral tinctures and sublingual sprays?

Oral tinctures and drops are ingested by swallowing and go through the stomach and into the liver where they go through a process known as ‘first pass metabolism’. This process extends the journey and breaks down the cannabinoids resulting in a slower onset of action. Sublingual sprays, in contrast, are administered under the tongue and absorbed through the sublingual membrane avoiding first pass metabolism, generally providing a faster action.

What is the difference between sublingual sprays and inhalation products (ex: vapes)?

Sublingual sprays are an alternative for inhalation products such as vapes and pre-rolls. Sublingual sprays provide a healthier alternative and avoid carcinogens and toxins that are released from combustion and enter the lungs. Similar to the onset of inhalable products, sublingual sprays are faster-acting.

How often should I be ordering medical cannabis?

You will need to consult with your HCP regarding your monthly allotted gram equivalence and daily dosage to calculate how often you should be ordering medical cannabis. As per Medical Cannabis by Shoppers, it is most common for patients to order on a monthly basis.

How do I store my products?

Products should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and right side up. Additionally, they should be stored out of the reach of children and pets.

Can I schedule regular follow-ups with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers?

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers has a Cannabis Care Team that is available Monday – Saturday for follow ups. You can also request that a team member follow up with you at a certain date and time on a recurring basis if you would like ongoing support. Please contact Shoppers Cannabis Care at 1-844-633-2627.

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