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15 ML

Innovative, sublingual formulation for faster relief

▪ Designed for rapid absorption into the body
▪ Metered spray with controlled dosing

Total Cannabinoid Content:
▪ 300mg CBD | 100mg THC
▪ 2mg CBD | 0.65mg THC per spray

Bottle Size: 15mL

How much should I take?
It is important to start low and go slow. Always start with the lowest possible dose, which is one (1) spray (0.1 mL). Consult a physician or healthcare practitioner for further dosage recommendations.

How do I use this product?
Instructions for application:
Step 1: Shake well before each use.
Step 2: Break protective seal. Press button and twist counter-clockwise to release child-lock.
Step 3: While holding bottle upright, aim spray under tongue.
Step 4: Press firmly on pump to dispense one (1) complete dose. Do not inhale spray.
Step 5: Release nozzle and hold liquid under tongue for 30-90 seconds for maximum absorption.
Step 6: Swallow remaining oil and allow 30 mins before consuming liquids or rinsing mouth.